Core Life Analytics

Empowering Biologists in Data Analytics

At Core Life Analytics, our goal is to empower biologists, by giving them the ability to carry out their own data analysis.

“Wienand Omta and I were inspired in this effort by seeing how our clients at the Cell Screening Core at the UMC Utrecht struggled with the analysis of data from high content screens.

We realized that the data analytics bottleneck was a widespread problem, so we took advantage of our combined experience in high throughput screening and data science to develop the StratoMineR data analytics platform.

In 2016 we founded Core Life Analytics so that we could make StratoMineR available to a wider audience. Since then we have been helping an ever increasing number of biologists in academia, pharma and biotech to get the most from their datasets by doing their own data analysis.”

David A. Egan PhD, CEO


  • 2012

    Development of StratoMineR started

  • 2014

    Venture Challenge, Feasibility Established

  • 2015

    Early adopter, Galapagos

  • 2016

    Founded Core Life Analytics, UtrechtInc Incubator

  • 2017

    Seed Funding; Rabo Pre-Seed & Echiumbio Launching Customers; Galapagos, Edinburgh, UCSC

  • 2018

    Big Pharma: Pfizer, Janssen

  • 2020

    €1m Series A Investment; BOM, Utrecht Holdings, TechFund One

  • 2022

    Reseller agreement signed with Molecular Devices

  • 2022

    Launch of the StratoVerse

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