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Victor Wong


Victor Wong received his Ph.D. in Physiology at the University of Toronto. He was a Canadian Institute of Health Research Fellow and conducted his postdoctoral training at Weill Cornell Medicine. He has diverse experience in a number of therapeutic fields, and his scientific focus has been on target discovery and validation to find novel treatments for a number of diseases such as diabetes, hearing loss, and neurological disorders. He is experienced in disease modeling in vitro and in vivo, as well as developing and driving high throughput drug discovery platforms for target selection, lead identification and optimization, and pre-clinical studies. As he saw bioanalytical technology rapidly advancing, and life sciences data sets grow in scale and complexity; Victor was motivated to join Core Life Analytics to help provide rapid and unbiased analytical tools to streamline the high throughput therapeutic development process for scientists everywhere. As a Chief Scientific Officer at Core Life Analytics, Victor works closely with our users to help them to leverage the full power of the StratoMineR platform.

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