About the project

As part of the Create2Solve program, two Dutch research groups and industry will jointly develop animal-free innovations. The projects, focusing on a 3D model of human brain cells and a method to improve toxicity testing, will contribute to limiting the use of laboratory animals in both industry and science.

A 3D model of human brain cells

Dr Femke de Vrij's project (Erasmus MC), in collaboration with Core Life Analytics, is one of these two projects awarded funding. It focuses on the development of an animal-free, standardized 3D model with human brain cells. Leveraging StratoMineR™ for high content imaging analysis, they aim to demonstrate these 3D MICrobrains are a solid model for testing therapeutic strategies. ‘Especially for complex brain diseases that are difficult to investigate in laboratory animal models, it is vitally important to do research with human material’, says De Vrij. 


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