Unlock the Power of Cell Painting

Making the Analysis of Cell Painting Easier for Biologists

What's the point of generating all that data, if you can't even make sense of it?

Let StratoMineR™ guide you through the analysis of large complex datasets.

You have too much data to work with.

Data analysis becomes a real bottleneck.

The available data analytics tools are too complex

With StratoMineR a biologist can analyze their own high-content data. It has an interface that's easy to work with and guides the user through a "best practices" data analytics workflow. It shows interactive visualizations of the raw and processed data and allows the use of advanced methods such as data reduction, phenotypic hit detection, gene or compound profiling, and AI.

How StratoMineR can help here?

Easily load even large, cell resolution Cell Painting datasets

Eliminate redundant measurements and those with no information

Use Visual Data Mining to highlight problems in your data

Reduce complexity and highlight biological interactions between measurements

True phenotypic profiling and hit detection.

Import and metadata to enrich your analytical data.

A flexible workflow allows you to carry out iterative analyses as you craft knowledge from your data.

Do you want to leverage the full power of Cell Painting without the pain of manual data wrangling and analysis?

Then try StratoMineR today. Click on the link to start your free trial.


Tannia Lau
UCSC Graduate

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