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Core Life Analytics launches the StratoVerse™

The StratoVerse is a cloud-based platform for end-to-end high content analysis. It features cloud storage for images and numeric data, along with high performance image analysis, and downstream data analysis. Having all of these applications together in the cloud makes for a scalable, well-integrated platform. Furthermore, scalable cloud computing allows you to quickly perform computationally intensive analyses, resulting in significantly shorter processing times. Would you be interested in implementing such a platform? Please contact us



Store images and numeric data in StratoStore and automatically extract metadata - such as field or well number - from file names. Link numeric data to images, and you can now view them during data analysis. 


Using scalable cloud computing, StratoScale allows for the rapid processing of computationally intensive tasks. CPUltra is our high performance deployment of the popular CellProfiler* image analysis application, which uses the power of StratoScale to quickly run images through your CellProfiler pipelines.


Numeric datasets can then be analyzed in StratoMineR, our intuitive data analysis application. It guides biologists through a best-practices workflow for the analyses for multiparametric data, including feature selection, dimensionality reduction and hit selection.


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Are you interested in implementing the StratoVerse, or do you have easy-to-use image analysis software that could be of value to the high content analysis community, as an addition to the StratoVerse? We’d love to talk to you.

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*CPUltra is a deployment of CellProfiler 4.2.1. CellProfiler is an open source image analysis application developed at the Broad Institute that can be downloaded at


Discover how StratoMineR™ can help you to analyze complex data.

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