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Molecular Devices and Core Life Analytics collaborate, adding the StratoMineR cloud-powered data analytics software to Molecular Devices' high-content portfolio

Complementing Molecular Devices’ high-content imaging workflow, StratoMineR intuitive data analytics software enables scientists to make full use of their data, without the need for a data scientist

San Jose, Calif., USA, and ‘s Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, Feb. 7, 2022 – Molecular Devices, LLC., an industry leader in 3D biology and automated high-content imaging, and Core Life Analytics, a data analytics company, announced a reseller agreement for Core Life Analytics’ data analytics platform, StratoMineR™. 

StratoMineR is a cloud-based platform that guides users through complex analyses, allowing the non-specialist to easily mine complex data for insights. Combined with Molecular Devices’ advanced high-content cellular imaging systems and image analysis software, StratoMineR offers users a complete, streamlined, and intuitive workflow for high-content screening experiments.

“At Core Life Analytics, our number one mission is the democratization of data science,” said David Egan, CEO of Core Life Analytics. “This partnership will enable us to help so many biologists across the globe to craft knowledge from their high-content data.” 

Quickly produce and export sophisticated visualizations, such as hierarchical clustering visualizations, 3D scatter plots, spider plots, and heat maps.

 “Our software solution, StratoMineR, and Molecular Devices’ flagship product, ImageXpress® Confocal High-Content Imaging System, are greatly aligned to get the most out of each high-content screening assay in a very efficient manner,” said Wienand Omta, CTO of Core Life Analytics.

Under the terms of the agreement, Molecular Devices now has a right to sell StratoMineR subscriptions under the Core Life Analytics brand. The agreement is global in scope, with an initial release in North America and Europe. Molecular Devices will provide their StratoMineR users with first-line technical support, while second-line technical support will be provided by Core Life Analytics.

“This partnership will offer our customers additional, actionable insights from the enormous amounts of data typical of advanced screening assays such as phenotypic profiling,” said Susan Murphy, President of Molecular Devices. “We’re thrilled to extend Core Life Analytics’ data analysis expertise to our life science customers, delivering even more interactive visualizations with advanced data mining, further rounding out our high-content imaging and analysis portfolio.” 

About Core Life Analytics

Core Life Analytics was co-founded by CEO David Egan and CTO Wienand Omta in 2016 to commercialize StratoMineR, a data analytics platform they developed at the UMC Utrecht. StratoMineR is a cloud-based tool, specifically developed to help scientists analyze their own complex datasets without the need for a specialist. The platform is now used successfully by a growing customer base, with applications ranging from target discovery and lead characterization to toxicology research. Learn more at

About Molecular Devices, LLC.

Molecular Devices is one of the world's leading providers of high-performance bioanalytical measurement systems, software, and consumables for life science research, pharmaceutical, and biotherapeutic development. Included within a broad product portfolio are platforms for high-throughput screening, genomic and cellular analysis, colony selection, and microplate detection. These leading-edge products enable scientists to improve productivity and effectiveness, ultimately accelerating research and the discovery of new therapeutics. Molecular Devices is committed to the continual development of innovative solutions for life science applications. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley, California with offices around the globe. To learn more about how Molecular Devices is helping customers advance scientific discovery, visit  

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