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Complementary set of JUMP-CP compounds with new StratoMineR subscription

When analyzing the JUMP-CP Pilot data, we identified 19 compounds that gave significant phenotypes for different conditions in the JUMP-CP Pilot dataset. Due to their robustness, this set could be a helpful tool for assay development. Until the end of the year, this JUMP-CP Pilot Set will be complementary with new StratoMineR subscriptions. 

Due to the size of the dataset and the fact that it was generated through standardized protocols, the JUMP-CP dataset is a valuable tool for drug discovery research. Making sure that your Cell Painting data is comparable, however, can be quite a challenge. 

During our webinar on Nov 15th, David Egan demonstrated how StratoMineR was used to analyze the JUMP-CP Pilot data. He also discussed how this workflow can be used to compare your own Cell Painting data against JUMP-CP data, and talked about other tools that can help you make sure that your Cell Painting data is comparable.

To help you Get Ready for JUMP-CP, we have:
- Collected relevant links and protocols.
- Uploaded the Pilot dataset in StratoMineR, available to any user. 
- Created a list of 19 robust control compounds (JUMP-CP Pilot Set) that can be used for Cell Painting assay development and validation, as discussed during the webinar. 

Until the end of the year, every new StratoMineR subscription will come with a complementary set of the JUMP-CP Pilot Set compounds (10ul/10mM per compound) from Specs.

Learn more in our webinar, which is now available on-demand. 


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