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Complementary set of JUMP-CP compounds with new StratoMineR subscription

When analyzing the JUMP-CP Pilot data, we identified 19 compounds that gave significant phenotypes for different conditions in the JUMP-CP Pilot dataset. Due to their robustness, this set could be a helpful tool for assay development. Until the end of the year, this JUMP-CP Pilot Set will be complementary with new StratoMineR subscriptions. 

Due to the size of the dataset and the fact that it was generated through standardized protocols, the JUMP-CP dataset is a valuable tool for drug discovery research. Making sure that your Cell Painting data is comparable, however, can be quite a challenge. 

During our webinar on Nov 15th, David Egan demonstrated how StratoMineR was used to analyze the JUMP-CP Pilot data. He also discussed how this workflow can be used to compare your own Cell Painting data against JUMP-CP data, and talked about other tools that can help you make sure that your Cell Painting data is comparable.

To help you Get Ready for JUMP-CP, we have:
- Collected relevant links and protocols.
- Uploaded the Pilot dataset in StratoMineR, available to any user. 
- Created a list of 19 robust control compounds (JUMP-CP Pilot Set) that can be used for Cell Painting assay development and validation, as discussed during the webinar. 

Until SLAS 2023, every new StratoMineR subscription will come with a complementary set of the JUMP-CP Pilot Set compounds (10ul/10mM per compound) from Specs.

Learn more in our webinar, which is now available on-demand. 


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