The power of high content imaging - the wealth of information captured and quantified - also presents challenges. In order to store and analyze these images, significant storage and computational power are needed. Our StratoVerse gives you access to these resources in one cloud-based platform. 


Applications in StratoVerse



Store image and numeric datasets and analyze them using the other apps. Extract metadata from experiment registration and  file names.



StratoProcess™ and CPUltra™

High-powered Image Analysis

StratoProcess gives you the extra processing power you need for computationally intensive tasks. Run images through CPUltra, our high-powered version of CellProfiler™. 




Data Analysis

Numeric data produced by CPUltra - or any other image analysis software - can then be analyzed in StratoMineR, which guides you through a best-practices workflow for multiparametric analysis. 


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