This page will be dedicated to support. An intro story about the software and the FAQs. Maybe browser specs which are needed to use the software etc.  Curabitur ut sollicitudin diam. Aliquam non mi eu elit blandit viverra nec ac turpis. Nullam finibus dui nec leo aliquet, ut gravida felis lacinia.

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FAQ about StratoMineR

If your question is not here please contact us.

No, StratoMineR helps you to mine the numeric data that is generated by high content image analysis platforms.

No, StratoMineR is an intuitive web-based platform that is designed by biologists for biologists.

Many of our users can figure out how to use StratoMineR without any help from us. It’s that easy to use. With a couple of hours of training from us, you will be able to use even the advanced functionality.

No, StratoMineR runs in the cloud so we take care of all that complex IT. Just log in and start to generate more knowledge from your high content data.

Discover how StratoVerse™ can help you to analyze complex data.

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