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Extract knowledge from numbers

Import numeric data directly from your image analysis platform. Mine these complex datasets for insight using advanced data mining methods – such as data reduction and Artificial Intelligence (AI) – without having to code. Rich interactive visualizations help you to quickly see the biology emerge from your data.

Built for Biologists

Follow a guided analytics workflow. No coding required.

Phenotypic Profiling

Transform hundreds or thousands of descriptors to phenotypic profiles, and compare them.

Artificial Intelligence

Use AI to identify phenotypes of interest, speeding up drug discovery research.

Accelerate Discovery

Shorten discovery timelines by analyzing your own data.


Rich Visualizations

Interactive visualizations help to explore and understand complex data.

Collaborate and Standardize

Easily share data and analytical methods with colleagues.

Training and Support

Have a good understanding of StratoMineR after 1.5 hours. Need some help? We're here to support you.  


“HC StratoMineR makes it possible to rapidly drill-down to the most critical features in our high content data sets, accelerating our pace of discovery.”

Jonny Sexton
University of Michigan

“HC StratoMineR is a great tool enabling our users to perform analysis of phenotypic features of stem cells across multiple experiments and an important asset within the portfolio of software instruments within our developing Stem Cell Hotel”

Davide Danovi
King's College London

“HC StratoMineR allows me to train users of the facility to fully analyze their high content data without having to learn command line programming languages.”

Eoghan O’Duibhir
University of Edinburgh

“HC StratoMineR has revolutionized our high content screening workflow and provided us with a powerful solution for large-scale data analysis.”

Musa Mhlanga
University of Cape Town

With StratoMineR™ you save time for other things, like designing the next round of experiments.

Features include:

Upload numeric data in a simple widely used standard format

Build, copy, modify and share platemaps. Build platemaps from metadata.

Train and apply machine learning models to leverage the power of AI.

Separate metadata from analytical data

Use interactive data visualization tools for quality control

Use clustering and visual data mining to characterize discovered cellular phenotypes

Enrich your dataset with externally sourced metadata

Use data reduction to reduce complexity and highlight biological interactions.

Project Management tool to enable collaboration by group and project.

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