Manage image data

Store and manage (large) image datasets in the cloud. Give datasets a name, decide whether you need them to be accessible or archived, and retrieve them when you need them again.

Automatically extract metadata

Instruct StratoSafe how to read your file names and automatically extract metadata from them, such as the field or well location. 

Link images to numeric data

When you process your images in StratoProcess, the generated numeric data will be automatically linked to the original image. View these images during downstream analysis in StratoInsight.

Your Experiment. Your Data. Your Analysis.

Why StratoSafe?

Streamline Your Workflow

Images in StratoSafe can be analyzed directly by our integrated image and data analysis tools. 

Share Data

Easily share data & results across your team, and access it from anywhere.

Save Time

Upload data with just a few clicks, and extract metadata from your file names in an automated fashion.

Transparent Pricing

Know exactly what you’ll pay up front. No unexpected fees. 

Your Experiment. Your Data. Your Analysis.

Discover how StratoVerse™ can help you to analyze complex data.

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